The touch tablets are coming!

CES 2011 is in full swing and the touch tablets are coming. Verizon introduced the Motorola XOOM, an Android 3.0 10.1 inch touch tablet during their keynote address. So, this is the competitor to the iPad? The specs are impressive for the XOOM. The XOOM has a faster processor than the iPad, a front-facing 2 megapixel camera, and is 4G capable. Let’s not forget the gyroscope for gaming, support for Adobe Flash 10.1, and 720p HD video.

Motorola released a promotional video prior to CES 2011 to start the hype of a new touch tablet. It was interesting to see how Motorola position this touch tablet as the end result of the ‘tablets’ historic evolution. View the video below and do not miss the iPad!!

Tablet evolution presented by Motorola|

Did you see the iPad? I thought it was interesting for Motorola to infer the iPad as being ‘outdated’ or is an ‘older generation’ than their touch tablet. The iPad was only released, what, about 7 months ago!

Well, the unveiling yesterday was a clear indicator of  Verizon and Motorola’s effort to present a little bit of competition to the iPad in the touch tablet market. Is it better? I do not know, yet! We will have to wait to see the consumer responses over the next few months. In the meantime, the following are Motorola’s video of the new XOOM and the making of the XOOM.

If you do purchase one, be generous and let us know your thoughts by “Commenting below”.

Introducing the Motorola XOOM|
Making the Motorola XOOM|

4 Replies to “The touch tablets are coming!”

  1. Nah!!! wait 6 more months, than it will be outdated. The point I was making is how marketing is trying to shorten relevancy of technology innovation to less than seven-eight months. That is the WOW factor! This means it is the story of All our lives!! I don’t care, as I am still having fun with my iPad!!!

  2. IF, big if, they keep the price point reasonable, I could see picking one up. iPads are EXPENSIVE and they can’t replace a laptop yet. I’m interested what it ends up costing. My wish list has a $100 tablet on it. Maybe in a few years…

  3. I agree and do not think a $100 tablet is coming any time soon. I do have the $499 wi-fi only iPad and I think it fits exactly what I need it to do for me. It is really portable in taking notes at meetings, checking access to my email without squinting or putting on glasses, and I have found it is my source for a majority of my reading. A shift in behavior on my part because the ease of use and access to a more compact device than my laptop and more visually usable than a smartphone.

    What is interesting to me is how the other major players in this space counter Apple’s established domination of the market. Motorola’s XOOM is looming with great press right now, but can it capture significant market share from Apple to make it a viable option for consumers? Only time will tell…

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