YouTube SimpleGallery for WordPress

YouTube SimpleGallery let’s you build a gallery of YouTube videos either in a post or a page with thumbnail images and customized titles.

Building articles containing multiple videos has always been a challenge. When layering videos into an article, the spacing of text and video would always conflict to the relevancy of the content. YouTube SimpleGallery allows you to integrate a gallery of videos throughout your article with ease. As shown below, I have three videos in a gallery from my YouTube account. The titles are customized and the order of the videos is determined by the directive in the post. The Shadowbox support and the ability to create your own CSS to style the gallery really makes YouTube SimpleGallery 1.0 a must have for your WP blog.

February 2010 Frost in Florida|
Measuring an Ecosystem – Joan Durante Park, Longboat Key, FL|
Lakewood Ranch Marching Band – Desoto Heritage Parade, Bradenton, FL|

Now I have another section of text and can create another gallery of videos from different publishers.

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UPDATE: DRG – 09/20/10 – WP Minify plugin that compresses JS and CSS does not allow Shadowbox and YouTube SimpleGallery to function properly. This is what I have found so far. The error generated is as follows:

[20-Sep-2010 23:08:04] PHP Warning:  filemtime() [<a href=’function.filemtime’>function.filemtime</a>]: stat failed for / in / on line 711

David Gumpper’s YouTube Video Channel

Hi all, Another family post while researching the YouTube custom player. As I upload video to my YouTube channel, they will automatically display on the player for this page. The first video to be shown on my channel are pictures (not very good pictures to say the least. Yes, I will keep my day job), from our trip to St. Petersburg, Florida with my brother Andy and his wife Amita. I like the pictures of Evan at the end.

The video was generated by loading the pictures into Google’s Picasa and selecting the option to make a movie. For better quality, there is a button on the player next to 360p, click on that and change it to 480p. What a difference it makes in the video quality.