Give a real presentation

I was invited to participate on a panel at a conference next month and realized I have been out-of-the-loop on presenting in front of large audiences. The first thing I did was to locate on YouTube – Authors@Google: Garr Reynolds video.

The video is almost three years old, but the concepts Garr Reynolds provide are relevant in creating presentations today. Differentiate and engage your audience, review the video. I did and will continue to learn this craft. Enjoy!

Comparison: Samsung Galaxy Tab vs Apple iPad Video

CNET published a video comparing the Samsung Galaxy Tab vs Apple iPad video. What is not discussed in the comparison is Google’s development and coming release of the Android OS for tabs that will rival iPad’s usability. One point CNET does harp on about the Galaxy is the apps are not taking advantage of the bigger screen. This will change quickly as the Android is an open-source community that will catch-up very quickly to the iPad. Example is how fast the Android has captured market share in the smartphone sector.

Competition is always good for the consumer as it will spur innovation for both tablet platforms. Samsung and Google will make-up ground to Apple in the near future in it’s features and usability. Enjoy the video!

CNET Prizefight: Samsung Galaxy Tab vs. Apple iPad 3G|

David Gumpper’s YouTube Video Channel

Hi all, Another family post while researching the YouTube custom player. As I upload video to my YouTube channel, they will automatically display on the player for this page. The first video to be shown on my channel are pictures (not very good pictures to say the least. Yes, I will keep my day job), from our trip to St. Petersburg, Florida with my brother Andy and his wife Amita. I like the pictures of Evan at the end.

The video was generated by loading the pictures into Google’s Picasa and selecting the option to make a movie. For better quality, there is a button on the player next to 360p, click on that and change it to 480p. What a difference it makes in the video quality.

Video SEO Tips

The use of video on the Internet has become a prevalent component of web content. No kidding! But, there is so much video available for consumption in the SERP’s, careful attention towards specific video SEO strategies must be adhered too. The following are basic recommendations to help your video content rise to the top in the SERP’s and reach consumers.

1.  Sitemaps are your best friend. Google and others accept video sitemaps for your web site and is the recommended way to provide the information necessary to make the search engines aware of your web sites video content. Google accepts sitemaps using the Media RSS (mRSS) specification or you can find Google’s how-to create a video sitemap in the Google Webmaster Central Blog, “Creating Video Sitemaps”.

2. RSS feeds are easier for the bots to read than web pages. Great! Create a Media Continue reading “Video SEO Tips”

Linking WordPress Blog to Facebook

I have been very busy at work lately with the redesign of our company web site and the multitude of projects. As a result, I have been delinquent in researching new techniques for cool Internet tools. Linking your WordPress Blog to your Facebook profile using the Facebook API is the latest integration that peaked my interest.

Have you every ask the question “How can I automatically share my blog posts with my Facebook community? Yes you can! I found this cool little WordPress plugin that links into the Facebook API so you can do this. I had to figure this one out and the steps didn’t come that easy, so I decided to make a video showing you how this can be accomplished.

The only prerequisite is your WordPress blog must be on a hosted server and it needs to be version 2.8.4. The plugin is WPBook from John Eckman. John did a nice job with incorporating the Facebook API integration. His work made the installation very easy to perform and configure. You can see the result at Dave Gumpper’s Profile page on Facebook.

The video does provide a step-by-step instruction, so have fun and learn. If you need help with this or anything with WordPress, contact me at dgumpperATyahooDOTcom. If you have any comments regarding the steps or the video, please add them to the post. ENJOY!!

[media id=1 width=600 height=500]

Creating Movies From Pictures With Picasa 3

I was bored tonight and decided to look at some photography that I shot back in February. My brother and his wife were visiting us from New Jersey. We decided to spend the day in St. Petersburg at the Dali Museum and go for a walk downtown by the St. Peter Pier. Unfortunately, you are not allowed to take pictures inside the Dali, but I was able to get the bench outside of the museum.

I wanted to see how Picasa would perform in creating a movie from still images. I was pleasantly surprised on how easy it was and the quality of the final product. Google did a nice job to make the whole process simple. If you are interested, drop a comment and I will get back to you.

[flash medium=2 w=640 h=480]

Flip Video a Cisco Product?

This just out on TechCrunch. “Flip Video: Wrong, Wrong, Wrong And Then So, So Right..” Cisco now owns Pure Digital Technology and the Flip Video digital video recorders. This is big news and very powerful. People are still trying to figure out why “Cisco”? I think it is simple. Flip Video is an up and coming mobile digital device for the consumer. Imagine this Continue reading “Flip Video a Cisco Product?”

SEO for Video and Best Practices

I began to develop a post regarding my findings on best practices to SEO Video. The principle fundamentals to SEO a web page for content and images is the same for video. There are additional considerations you should engage from a video perspective.

If you have video content on your site, empower the reader to  generate and copy HTML code of the Video’s URL. This enables them to embed your video into their own web sites or blogs. This SEO Video strategy builds a relevant inbound link from the readers site to yours. The Search Engines love this type of Video SEO and does have significant effect to help inbound links. Another best practice to SEO Video, is, ensure your video file names and URL’s are content relevant. An example is a music video of a new upcoming musician. The flash file name for your video should be “listen-my-music-musicians-name.flv”. This file name is part of the HTML code readers embed into their sites.

SEO is all about building relevance of conten. If you use the correct white hat SEO best practices for video, you will be fine. While writing this post, I was performing additional research to validate my strategies. I came across a post on Video SEO Guide and Best Practices written by Kieran Hawe of The post is full of best practices to SEO and is beneficial reading I am recommending. This is a great source for new Internet marketers coming online.