My weekly twitter updates for 2010-02-14

  • RT @MayfairIntR: Excellent words of wisdom from Mayfair International Realty member Michael Saunders of Michael Saunders & Company…… #
  • already updates Google Buzz instantly from txt, apps, email #
  • America’s Unfounded Fears of A Green-Tech Race with China Any race for a cleaner environment cannot be to bad. #
  • RED HAIRED STRANGERS CONCERT REVIEWED IN THE DAILY GAZETTE Visiting the Albany NY area? They can play. Way to go Joe. #
  • Sergey Brin Used Google Buzz To Write His NYT Op-Ed On Google Books . Another social media network to deal with. #

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My weekly twitter updates for 2010-02-07

My weekly twitter updates for 2010-01-31

My weekly twitter updates for 2010-01-24

My weekly twitter updates for 2010-01-17

SAP Jazzes PowerPoint With Twitter

SAP is on the forefront of business use applications and their new Web 2.0 products are the most fun yet. Every conference or event today has a Twitter #hashtag defined for participants to track and trend conversations, so why not use it to create an interactive presentation? The problem. No tools, that is until SAP’s Timo Elliott has created four new products to make your presentation more compelling.

SAP PowerPoint Twitter Tools can be downloaded for free, along with a detailed instructions page, and the most crucial information of  “best practices” to provide a how-to integrate these tools as part of your presentation.

PowerPoint Twitter Ticker – Create a ticker bar at the bottom of your PowerPoint displaying the latest 10 tweets from a defined search string. The search string can be event, presentation, or topic driven which makes interesting real-time results to validate the presentation.

PowerPoint Twitter Feedback – Create a PowerPoint page with this tool and replace the typical Question and Answer part of your presentation by having the participants tweet their feedback or questions.SAP-PowerPoint-Twitter-Feedback

PowerPoint Twitter Voting – As a presenter, you need to interact Continue reading “SAP Jazzes PowerPoint With Twitter”

David Gumpper Weekly Twitter Updates for 2009-05-11

  • The community where I live. Great place.
    . #
  • The Crisis of Credit A video simplifying the explanation on how and why this economic mess started. #
  • Booth has a brain tumor!!!! Oh no….. oh well… Hell’s Kitchen final is next. #

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David Gumpper Weekly Twitter Updates for 2009-04-26

  • Getting ready to see Evan and the Lakewood Ranch Marching Band march in the DeSoto Heritage Festival Grand Parade tonight. #
  • Finished with my CSharp.Net class. It was great. I even figured out a bindingsource problem for the prof. A good day. #
  • Off 2 c# class on a sat morning #
  • I have my Twitter Tools working again in my blog. #
  • Up to $8,000 Tax Credit for First Time Homebuyers | Michael Saunders Real Estate Blog – #
  • Financial Stability Plan for existing home owners. Great Info and very useful — About Making Home Affordable – #
  • Email is now flowing. I’d rather twitter with Tinker!! #
  • Finished with replacing the UPS’s in the data center. Now to check all the servers and routers. Must make sure email is flowing!! #

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David is on Twitter Now

Hi all, I just started a Twitter account and will start posting Tweets on my blog. I’ve been using this for driving traffic back to the blog.