The best insight to the challenges of branding

I found a slide deck today on Slideshare and it inspired me to think. Thought-provoking messages on people’s perception of branding (slide 30), who should we care about in our branding (slide 47), and the true task at hand in branding (slide 92). “How to (not) Fail” from Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam. It changed mine!

Votizen — Social Lobbying for Registered Voters

Votizen — Social Lobbying for Registered Voters. Volizen is a new startup that has a potential to be a powerful social site.

Votizen - Registered Voter Logo

As a normal, hard working, socially concerned citizens, there is discontent that leaders are not listening to the communities they represent. The communities voice is being limited to the lobbying of a few influential people surrounding our leaders. This problem is epidemic at the local, state, national, and global levels.

Our leaders are not a 100% at fault for this problem. It is a systemic problem arising from Continue reading “Votizen — Social Lobbying for Registered Voters”

WordPress Plugin – WordPress 2 for Social Media Experts

It has been a week of finding great WordPress Plugins. Today I found a plugin to help me distribute the posting on my WordPress blog to all my social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Facebook Pages, and LinkedIn. WordPress 2 is the plugin of choice. has become a favorite tool for social media junkies because it allows you to write a post in one location and distribute it to your network of social media accounts.

The problem was how to get my blog posts to all my social media accounts. The answer, install WordPress 2 plugin to distribute my blog post to Then distributes the post to the social media network. Bingo!

Dashboard of Ping.fmIt was very easy. The steps are:

  • Create an account on
  • Add your social media sites by selecting on the “Add To Network”.
  • When at the Dashboard, select Application Keys and copy the long string.
  • Install WordPress 2 plugin from the Plugins “New Add” in the WP admin dashboard.
  • Go to in the Settings section and add your key
  • Select the radio button for All Categories and save.
  • DONE!

It is that easy. Every time I post an article on my blog, it is distributed to my network of social media sites.

I like this one-to-many type of communication. I can simply touch the many social communities that I belong too with a push of one button. Have fun and let me know what you think.