Developing a password schema for easy recall

Developing your own password schema is probably the single best defense in protecting your online information. It seems the number of web sites we want to interact with is increasing each and everyday. Internet products and services require usernames and passwords and that is where the trouble begins.

Password dangers

remembering passwords

In an earlier article “Are you using Facebook Connect?”, I eluded to the dangers of using a service like Facebook Connect as a single source to access many of the web sites. If your Facebook Connect account is hijacked, any web site that utilizes this service is also compromised. The same scenario exists when you use the same username and password combination to create an account on many different sites.

The question is, “How do I remember a different password for each site?” I mentioned in the same article that a password schema will make it easier for you to remember different passwords for different sites. By utilizing a password scheme, you create an unique Continue reading “Developing a password schema for easy recall”