Google+ Releases Vanity URL

Google+ Vanity URL for David Gumpper

The last few weeks of October 2013 have seen a bunch of news on the technology front, especially in updates/upgrades.

Google finally said thumbs-up for a vanity URL for my Google+ personal page. I believe we all have waited for some time for this to be release. I even kept the suggested URL, which is I kind of like the + in beginning of my name and this should make Google+ more relevant in the social space.

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Open multiple tabs as a browser default home pages

When I open my browser, the first thing to do after the home page loads is, to create new tabs to open a standard set of web sites. These sites could be the company’s website, a personal website, web email client, a couple of standard blogs that I read, and a few others. How nice would it be if once a browser is open, multiple tabs are automatically initiated to the different sites? No more typing or clicking on bookmarks.

Yeah, it would be nice, right!

Well, this is easily accomplished¬†with Microsoft Windows Internet Explorer 8 (IE8), Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome. Apple Safari is a little more complex, but it is doable. The instructions below give how to set up these browsers for Microsoft Windows 7 and Apple’s Mac OS X.

View how you can set up your favorite web browser to load multiple web sites. Have Fun!!! Let me know if you have any problems.

Microsoft Windows Internet Explorer 8 (IE8)

MS SQL tool – Who is Active?

I just recently found Who is Active and it has now become a favorite tool in my Microsoft SQL server tool-belt. Yes, move over sp_who2.

Who is Active displays only those processes or T-SQL queries that are currently active on the server. The display provides which SPID’s is hitting the SQL server,¬† locking processes, blocking sessions, and pull execution plans. A big benefit “Who is Active” has over sp_who2 is the T-SQL query is formatted properly in a new window.

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