Verizon iPhone, really!!!! Maybe!!!

Engadget - Verizon iPhone chatter is getting harder (than usual) to ignore

Check out :”Verizon iPhone chatter is getting harder (than usual)Check out :”Verizon iPhone chatter is getting harder (than usual) to ignore”

Is this a possibility? Apple must port over to another carrier soon. Otherwise, Google Droid will begin slicing away the pie.

Update: 5/8/2010 – Geeze, then you see stories like this from ZDNet – “Majority of Verizon customers want iPhone, but analyst say not this year” .

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My weekly twitter updates for 2010-02-07

WP Droid App is okay for a version 1.0

I had to edit the image. Left justify and shrink it to fit better on the post.

WordPress has just released an Android app for writing articles for you blog. I am creating my first post by using the app right now. The app contains basic functions like bold, italic, link, and block quotes when entering text. You can add images, tags, and categories as well. I think it is a great tool to write drafts as shown here, but I would not publish posts directly from the app. You still need to perform your SEO stuff and other tasks like scheduling publishing from the browser.

Still, all-in-all, I have been waiting for WP to come out with this app. Based on how WP team has continually improve their software, this app is only going to get better with time. Nice job and thank you.