WordPress 2.8 Is Out. IMPRESSIVE!!

WordPress 2.8 is out and it is very impressive. The WordPress upgrade feature in 2.7 performed flawlessly and this blog was upgraded in minutes. YES, MINUTES!! No more time spent downloading the source, FTP the source up to the server, and then running the update.

Everybody in the world has blogged on every feature of 2.8, so I’m not going to go into details and will link to articles that provide better information. What I will say, WordPress as a content management system for web sites is becoming the most innovative product to streamline publishing content to the Internet.

A few items that are great in this release:

  • Browsing for a new theme within WordPress just like you can with plugins, but on steroids. Upgrading to the new theme is a click away, it is that simple.
  • The administration section now is becoming cleaner in design and usability. This is one area in need of improvement, especially in providing content creators with the access to create posts.
  • Widget and plugin management is so sweet!!! New layout and features to improve an administrator’s life.
  • The syntax highlighting when editing files in WordPress is a developers dream.

The guys at Automattic have out done themselves again. Great Job!!

Links to more information:

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