Votizen — Social Lobbying for Registered Voters

Votizen — Social Lobbying for Registered Voters. Volizen is a new startup that has a potential to be a powerful social site.

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As a normal, hard working, socially concerned citizens, there is discontent that leaders are not listening to the communities they represent. The communities voice is being limited to the lobbying of a few influential people surrounding our leaders. This problem is epidemic at the local, state, national, and global levels.

Our leaders are not a 100% at fault for this problem. It is a systemic problem arising from time, resources, and the volume of opinions and discussions that inundate our leaders. This problem keeps a large segment of the community in the periphery of leaderships view, preventing the overarching voice of the community from being heard. This is a dilemma and requires a solution.

A solution that can maximizes a communities discourse must answer this question. How can communities engage to develop a collective voice that influences their leadership to listen?

Votizen’s beta has already met its limit of participants, so I have not seen if it answers this question. But, if Votizen does and can deliver creditability in how it collects, secures, and presents civic polls without bias, then this start-up has a bright future.

Votizen possibly might be the platform for social lobbying. A service that provides an online civic platform for social politics at the local, state, national, and GLOBAL levels!

Yes, it is idealistic, but think of this. How different would our views of each other would be if our political lenses were transparent, versus the lens presented from leadership and the media’s rhetoric and agenda? How cool would it be if Votizen is that plaform?

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