ShortStop FF Draft Results

Another year of football and another fantasy football draft result for Gumps Gators. Let’s hope that my Sunday’s are more entertaining than they were last year. The league commish owns Short Stops Market on S. Orange Ave, Sarasota and has been a good friend to see when I take a walk a mid-afternoon walk.

Any thoughts on Gumps Gators roster for the start of the season?

Aaron Rogers – GB
Eli Manning – NYG (Sorry, I had to make this select being a Giants FAN!)

Running Backs:
Amah Bradshaw – NYG
Reggie Busch – Mia
Brandon Jacobs – NYG

Wide Receivers:
Chad Ochocinco – NE
Miles Austin – Dal
Santonio Holmes – NYJ
Plaxico Burress  – NYJ
Lance Moore – NO
Steve Smith – Phi

Tight Ends:
Aaron Hernandez – NE
Todd Heap – Ari

Nate Kaeding – SD
Adam Vinitieri – Ind


2 Replies to “ShortStop FF Draft Results”

  1. Your team looks a lot like mine! I loved Miles Austin on paper, I hope he plays like I expect him to. Love the Phillies D too. Funny your team’s name is Gump’s Gators, my team last year was the Gorgeous Gators 🙂
    On another note, I didn’t know Ali was your friend. He was so nice to me when I was looking for a certain beer for our roto draft in March. Good luck with your team. Go Gators!

  2. I know it does. I was really surprised to see the results. Our league is an automatic draft, but I was able to set the rankings on my top 110 players. I think maybe I was influenced by you in some form or manner! I with you Go Gators!!!

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