G’s June 25 update and Disavow Tool

Early Look at Google’s June 25 Algo Update – Moz.

Take aways:

  • 10 day rolling update is going to make it very hard to assess the impact of each update.
  • Real estate is hot on the radar. The national listing aggregators are on top. Absolutely an unfair placement of a publishing media site over a brokerage web site. Real estate is suppose to be local.
  • Having keywords in your domain name continues its downward importance as a signal.

I have found a great tool the other day. While reviewing the crawl errors report from Webmaster tools, I noticed back-links from a multitude of sites that had malformed URL’s. These sites were all bogus video sites from outside the US. After extensive unsuccessful attempts to have these web site owners remove the links, I had to look for other alternatives.

I found the Webmaster’s Disavow Tool. I submitted a large number of these unscrupulous sites and hopefully they are being considered for removal from the Googlebot. There is a Disavow help page to explain how to use the tool.

I have also read on SearchEngineWatch.com to only use the Disavow tool to identify bad domains and not to target specific pages as a best practice.

The only outcome I have identify as a positive result of submitting a disavow file is a significant increase of pages indexed by Google.

Webmasters Index Status
Webmasters Index Status

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