Are you using Facebook Connect? [Poll]

Facebook Connect is becoming more prevalent as a login method to get access to accounts/profiles on other web sites. More or less, Facebook is becoming an Internet ID card similar to a library card. If you have a Facebook account, you can show your card and have access to the other web sites that provide the feature. is one of those sites. With a few simple clicks, a login into can be completed using a Facebook account. Is it simple? Yes. Is it secure and wise? That is still up in the air. Stephan J. Vaughan-Nichols, with ZDNet, expresses concerns in his article, “Facebook wants to be your Internet ID“.

A best practice for me is that I do not use the same password on all my Internet accounts. If I did, the outcome of a compromised password is a scary thought. All my accounts would then be susceptible to unauthorized access from a single password. Having different passwords for each site ensures they are all still are safe, except for the site with the compromised password.

I can hear it now. David! You must be crazy for remembering all those passwords. I would be crazy if I did not have a plan. I have developed a password scheme so I can remember each unique password for each site. Check back next week for a quick how-to in developing a password scheme. Today, take this anonymous poll to see if there is adoption in using Facebook Connect as an Internet ID card to login into other sites. I do not! Seems to me like having a single password. Your thoughts?

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  1. The same with Gmail, gets access into many areas. Although i’ve noticed that with Gmail its more developers access to things, especially using OpenID i think its called, which you can have linked to your gmail account.

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