Video SEO Tips

The use of video on the Internet has become a prevalent component of web content. No kidding! But, there is so much video available for consumption in the SERP’s, careful attention towards specific video SEO strategies must be adhered too. The following are basic recommendations to help your video content rise to the top in the SERP’s and reach consumers.

1.  Sitemaps are your best friend. Google and others accept video sitemaps for your web site and is the recommended way to provide the information necessary to make the search engines aware of your web sites video content. Google accepts sitemaps using the Media RSS (mRSS) specification or you can find Google’s how-to create a video sitemap in the Google Webmaster Central Blog, “Creating Video Sitemaps”.

2. RSS feeds are easier for the bots to read than web pages. Great! Create a Media Continue reading “Video SEO Tips”

SAP Jazzes PowerPoint With Twitter

SAP is on the forefront of business use applications and their new Web 2.0 products are the most fun yet. Every conference or event today has a Twitter #hashtag defined for participants to track and trend conversations, so why not use it to create an interactive presentation? The problem. No tools, that is until SAP’s Timo Elliott has created four new products to make your presentation more compelling.

SAP PowerPoint Twitter Tools can be downloaded for free, along with a detailed instructions page, and the most crucial information of  “best practices” to provide a how-to integrate these tools as part of your presentation.

PowerPoint Twitter Ticker – Create a ticker bar at the bottom of your PowerPoint displaying the latest 10 tweets from a defined search string. The search string can be event, presentation, or topic driven which makes interesting real-time results to validate the presentation.

PowerPoint Twitter Feedback – Create a PowerPoint page with this tool and replace the typical Question and Answer part of your presentation by having the participants tweet their feedback or questions.SAP-PowerPoint-Twitter-Feedback

PowerPoint Twitter Voting – As a presenter, you need to interact Continue reading “SAP Jazzes PowerPoint With Twitter”

Mobile Commerce Momentum Emerges.

Business Week article today on “M-Commerce’s Big Moment” reminded me of an essay paper I wrote three years ago for an E-Commerce class. The essay was about how the mobile commerce was like the Wild West for consumers. The Business Week article points out some of the same hurdles for m-commerce as I did three years ago. Is m-commerce as a market going to be viable? As usability, security, and infrastructure concerns are met and new business models are developed as shown in the Business Week article, mobile commerce has nothing but an upside. Mobile commerce emerges out from the Wild Wild West.

Mobile Commerce: The Wild West of Commerce

October 2006

Just as the Wild West in the 1800’s and the era of Electronic Commerce (e-commerce) required the landscape to be tamed for consumption by consumers, Mobile Commerce (m-commerce) must wield its’ way to find the same practical solutions to garner consumer acceptance and realize substantial growth. The capability of m-commerce reaching the same market penetration as e-commerce is going to require Continue reading “Mobile Commerce Momentum Emerges.”

Twitter Is Over Capacity – Again!

Twitter Is Over CapacityHere we go again. Today, Twitter has had severe problems with service. I’ve received the dreaded “Twitter is Over Capacity” message. I have also received Server 503 errors. So, either there is big news out in Twitterland or the scalability issues TechCrunch reported on a couple of weeks is beginning to have an effect. I am going with the later.

WordPress Plugin – WordPress 2 for Social Media Experts

It has been a week of finding great WordPress Plugins. Today I found a plugin to help me distribute the posting on my WordPress blog to all my social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Facebook Pages, and LinkedIn. WordPress 2 is the plugin of choice. has become a favorite tool for social media junkies because it allows you to write a post in one location and distribute it to your network of social media accounts.

The problem was how to get my blog posts to all my social media accounts. The answer, install WordPress 2 plugin to distribute my blog post to Then distributes the post to the social media network. Bingo!

Dashboard of Ping.fmIt was very easy. The steps are:

  • Create an account on
  • Add your social media sites by selecting on the “Add To Network”.
  • When at the Dashboard, select Application Keys and copy the long string.
  • Install WordPress 2 plugin from the Plugins “New Add” in the WP admin dashboard.
  • Go to in the Settings section and add your key
  • Select the radio button for All Categories and save.
  • DONE!

It is that easy. Every time I post an article on my blog, it is distributed to my network of social media sites.

I like this one-to-many type of communication. I can simply touch the many social communities that I belong too with a push of one button. Have fun and let me know what you think.

WordPress Plugin – WP-Cumulus – Word Cloud

Okay, I just found this cool WordPress Plugin called WP-Cumulus. WP-Cumulus is a tag and/or category word cloud. The jury is still out on my side on if I like this.

So, I created a poll to see if anyone would like this type of interactive word cloud.

Please vote and let me know. I will post the vote results and provide my analysis on this plugin.

[poll id = “8”‘]

Linking WordPress Blog to Facebook

I have been very busy at work lately with the redesign of our company web site and the multitude of projects. As a result, I have been delinquent in researching new techniques for cool Internet tools. Linking your WordPress Blog to your Facebook profile using the Facebook API is the latest integration that peaked my interest.

Have you every ask the question “How can I automatically share my blog posts with my Facebook community? Yes you can! I found this cool little WordPress plugin that links into the Facebook API so you can do this. I had to figure this one out and the steps didn’t come that easy, so I decided to make a video showing you how this can be accomplished.

The only prerequisite is your WordPress blog must be on a hosted server and it needs to be version 2.8.4. The plugin is WPBook from John Eckman. John did a nice job with incorporating the Facebook API integration. His work made the installation very easy to perform and configure. You can see the result at Dave Gumpper’s Profile page on Facebook.

The video does provide a step-by-step instruction, so have fun and learn. If you need help with this or anything with WordPress, contact me at dgumpperATyahooDOTcom. If you have any comments regarding the steps or the video, please add them to the post. ENJOY!!

[media id=1 width=600 height=500]

Evan and Lakewood Ranch Marching Band

Evan Gumpper playing the timpani.

Last Friday night, Lakewood Ranch Marching Band performed part 1 of their 2009 competition show. I was really impressed with how they performed this complex Philip Glass piece. This year, Evan is a member of the pit and will be playing the timpani during the entire show.

Another highlight of the evening for us was Evan having his picture taken during the performance. This year, Evan is a member of the pit and will be playing the timpani during the entire show. The picture was taken by the East County Observer’s Michael Eng. After they completed their half-time performance, we noticed Michael asking Evan for his name. To see more pictures of the band and the spirit of Lakewood Ranch students, go over to the East County Observer. I will have video in the next few weeks for all to see.

Sarasota Real Estate Luxury Company and DocStoc PDF Viewer

When looking at your opportunities to sell or buy luxury real estate in Sarasota, Michael Saunders and Company is the choice. The company possess the best luxury affiliations throughout the United States and the world.

The link is a brochure outlining the best luxury real estate affiliations the company has aligned to market your property.

This is a test post utilizing file and document sharing tool. The demo is to see if we can provide a visual of PDF files to consumers prior to downloading them.  Docstoc’s new tool, DocShots, automatically uploads your PDF to your Docstoc folders as you post in your blog. Then on the consumer side, it provides a great interface to view, print, and/or download the documents.

The user benefit is an interactive method to view the document for relevance before they download the document to their computer. Another benefit is DocShosts can handle MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint, as well as, Adobe PDF files. Docstocs does streamline the process of document management and web delivery for your blog in minutes. If you distribute file documents within your blog or web site, I recommend this tool.

Try it and let us know your thoughts as well.

UPDATE 7/28/09 -DG:

I have found a small problem with the Print button in DocShots, it doesn’t print. DocShots appears to be downloading the file and staging it into the  print queue. Once completed, the print queue notifies you that it sent the job to the printer, but nothing prints. I did submit an incident report to Docstoc and just received confirmation there is a problem. DocShots is still a nice application for visually displaying PDF files on your blog and hopefully the printing function will be resolved soon. I decided not to use it for my production web sites until this issue is resolved. It was ‘the’ functionality I needed for my consumers.

UPDATE 10/15/09 – DG:

I have not received any follow-up communication from Docstoc regarding the printing issue with DocShots. The printing function still does not function properly, but I have receive great feedback on how consumers are able to view PDF files before they download them.

Bing “Best Summer Photo” Facebook Contest

Bing Wants To Feature Your Best Summer Photo — No Keg Stands, Please. Bing has announced the Bing Summer Travel Photo Contest and is seeking your best vacation photo through your Facebook application. Yes, a contest on Facebook for Bing. Maybe it will be your picture from this summer travels that will be used on Bing. Of course there are rules, so find the Bing page on Facebook. Oh yeah, it is the Facebook community which gets to rank the pictures and selects the winner.

Go to Bing Summer Travel Photo Contest for more details.