Verizon iPhone, really!!!! Maybe!!!

Engadget - Verizon iPhone chatter is getting harder (than usual) to ignore

Check out :”Verizon iPhone chatter is getting harder (than usual)Check out :”Verizon iPhone chatter is getting harder (than usual) to ignore”

Is this a possibility? Apple must port over to another carrier soon. Otherwise, Google Droid will begin slicing away the pie.

Update: 5/8/2010 – Geeze, then you see stories like this from ZDNet – “Majority of Verizon customers want iPhone, but analyst say not this year” .

My point? Smartphone technology innovation has had tremendous growth with the release of the iPhone over the last three years and the propagation of the Android devices in the last year. Consumerization of technology in the enterprise or public sector is slowed by single source relationships like Apple and AT&T. Development of these relationships are seen as stifling adoption of innovative technologies versus being widely available.

My own adoption of the smartphone technology was limited due to the lack of performance by one carrier and lack of available choices from another. I know many others who have lived with older smartphone or cell phone technology for the exact same reasons. Performance of carrier and the availability of current technology limited a consumer need to change.  It would be nice to see Apple get onboard with delivering the iPhone to many carriers. This will only help the consumer embrace and advance innovation of technology in the mobile arena.


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