Welcome Back!

internet 20mWELCOME BACK David Gumpper. I have spent to much time away from my weekly writing responsibility for the last six months. Excuse is my dedication to working extratime on special projects. Now it is time to get back on the keyboard and pen some better stories.

The @Gumps24 weekly digest of tweets are coming back. I did turn them off, but I missed having a place where my tweets are easily searched and memorialized for future retrieval.

Just Another Week on the Internet is a new weekly segment containing my thoughts on new technologies, Internet marketing methods, or whatever interesting Internet/Business topic that comes across my path. Let me know if you like the title and how it brands me.

Be ready for the Dave’s Favs segment. A new mobile app or service is featured every week to see if it is a Dave’s Favs or not. An easy way to see if all the hype built on these apps are worth the effort. Especially if they are to support the ability to be more efficient and effective in your business.

The bottom line is, it is Just Another Day on the Internet and we all are Just Another Internet Person.

Signed: Just Another Internet Guy – Dave.



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