Hats off to the Hardee Senior High School Fans and Students

After many years of attending high school football games, I’ve seen high levels of rivalry and competition both on and off the field. This was not the case as the Lakewood Ranch Mustangs traveled to Hardee Senior High School for the autumn ritual of ‘Friday Night Lights’. After the Lakewood Ranch Marching Mustang Band completed their half-time performance, the hometown crowd at Hardee High School gave the Marching Mustangs a standing ovation. I have never experienced an event like this in over thirty years of attending high school football games. Thank you Hardee fans! The night got even better when the Hardee marching band joined the Lakewood Ranch Marching Mustangs in a rendition of “The Herd”.  The kids really exhibited how music positively affects two disparate communities.

I take my hat off to the communities of Wachula and Hardee Senior High School. Your act of appreciation of a musical performance in the middle of a gladiatorial event positively affected the kids of Lakewood Ranch. Hats off and Three cheers to you!!!!

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