Flip Video a Cisco Product?

This just out on TechCrunch. “Flip Video: Wrong, Wrong, Wrong And Then So, So Right..” Cisco now owns Pure Digital Technology and the Flip Video digital video recorders. This is big news and very powerful. People are still trying to figure out why “Cisco”? I think it is simple. Flip Video is an up and coming mobile digital device for the consumer. Imagine this. A wireless version of the Flip Video camcorder which enables you to shoot video,¬† edit the video, connect to a network, and upload video to your favorite site within minutes. Real time video content. Everyone in the world is now becomes the Paparazzi.

A friend has just recently purchased the Flip MinoHD and it produces a great consumer grade video, and is easy to use.

Here is my take! Cisco is already taking large strides in the future with TelePresence. Now, we take the same mobile digital device, Flip Video,  and stream video immediately to anywhere in the world. This is powerful. I see nothing but benefits for both Pure Digital Technologies  and Cisco with this partnership.

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