Upgrade to WP3.0 was a breeze for this site

Hi all!! Hopefully I will be able to contribute more to my blog. Building a new corporate web site has literally taken all my time. WordPress 3.0 was released today and the upgrade on this site was seamless. I do have a vast variety of plugins installed as well. The only plugin to fail so far was the WordPress 2 Ping.fm. On publishing an article, it choked on itself. The article still went live but did not make it to Ping.fm. Oh well.

Great job by the WordPress guys and the community who successfully vetted out the new code. This does not mean there will be hiccups along the way, but for at least one site it was a complete success.

WP Droid App is okay for a version 1.0

I had to edit the image. Left justify and shrink it to fit better on the post.

WordPress has just released an Android app for writing articles for you blog. I am creating my first post by using the app right now. The app contains basic functions like bold, italic, link, and block quotes when entering text. You can add images, tags, and categories as well. I think it is a great tool to write drafts as shown here, but I would not publish posts directly from the app. You still need to perform your SEO stuff and other tasks like scheduling publishing from the browser.

Still, all-in-all, I have been waiting for WP to come out with this app. Based on how WP team has continually improve their software, this app is only going to get better with time. Nice job and thank you.

WordPress Plugin – WordPress 2 Ping.fm for Social Media Experts

It has been a week of finding great WordPress Plugins. Today I found a plugin to help me distribute the posting on my WordPress blog to all my social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Facebook Pages, and LinkedIn. WordPress 2 Ping.fm is the plugin of choice.

Ping.fm has become a favorite tool for social media junkies because it allows you to write a post in one location and distribute it to your network of social media accounts.

The problem was how to get my blog posts to all my social media accounts. The answer, install WordPress 2 Ping.fm plugin to distribute my blog post to Ping.fm. Then Ping.fm distributes the post to the social media network. Bingo!

Dashboard of Ping.fmIt was very easy. The steps are:

  • Create an account on Ping.fm.
  • Add your social media sites by selecting on the “Add To Network”.
  • When at the Dashboard, select Application Keys and copy the long string.
  • Install WordPress 2 Ping.fm plugin from the Plugins “New Add” in the WP admin dashboard.
  • Go to Ping.fm in the Settings section and add your Ping.fm key
  • Select the radio button for All Categories and save.
  • DONE!

It is that easy. Every time I post an article on my blog, it is distributed to my network of social media sites.

I like this one-to-many type of communication. I can simply touch the many social communities that I belong too with a push of one button. Have fun and let me know what you think.

WordPress Plugin – WP-Cumulus – Word Cloud

Okay, I just found this cool WordPress Plugin called WP-Cumulus. WP-Cumulus is a tag and/or category word cloud. The jury is still out on my side on if I like this.

So, I created a poll to see if anyone would like this type of interactive word cloud.

Please vote and let me know. I will post the vote results and provide my analysis on this plugin.

[poll id = “8”‘]

WordPress 2.8 Is Out. IMPRESSIVE!!

WordPress 2.8 is out and it is very impressive. The WordPress upgrade feature in 2.7 performed flawlessly and this blog was upgraded in minutes. YES, MINUTES!! No more time spent downloading the source, FTP the source up to the server, and then running the update.

Everybody in the world has blogged on every feature of 2.8, so I’m not going to go into details and will link to articles that provide better information. What I will say, WordPress as a content management system for web sites is becoming the most innovative product to streamline publishing content to the Internet.

A few items that are great in this release:

  • Browsing for a new theme within WordPress just like you can with plugins, but on steroids. Upgrading to the new theme is a click away, it is that simple.
  • The administration section now is becoming cleaner in design and usability. This is one area in need of improvement, especially in providing content creators with the access to create posts.
  • Widget and plugin management is so sweet!!! New layout and features to improve an administrator’s life.
  • The syntax highlighting when editing files in WordPress is a developers dream.

The guys at Automattic have out done themselves again. Great Job!!

Links to more information:

WordPress 2.8 Release and New Features

WordPress.TV Video of New Features