Sarasota Real Estate Luxury Company and DocStoc PDF Viewer

When looking at your opportunities to sell or buy luxury real estate in Sarasota, Michael Saunders and Company is the choice. The company possess the best luxury affiliations throughout the United States and the world.

The link is a brochure outlining the best luxury real estate affiliations the company has aligned to market your property.

This is a test post utilizing file and document sharing tool. The demo is to see if we can provide a visual of PDF files to consumers prior to downloading them.  Docstoc’s new tool, DocShots, automatically uploads your PDF to your Docstoc folders as you post in your blog. Then on the consumer side, it provides a great interface to view, print, and/or download the documents.

The user benefit is an interactive method to view the document for relevance before they download the document to their computer. Another benefit is DocShosts can handle MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint, as well as, Adobe PDF files. Docstocs does streamline the process of document management and web delivery for your blog in minutes. If you distribute file documents within your blog or web site, I recommend this tool.

Try it and let us know your thoughts as well.

UPDATE 7/28/09 -DG:

I have found a small problem with the Print button in DocShots, it doesn’t print. DocShots appears to be downloading the file and staging it into the  print queue. Once completed, the print queue notifies you that it sent the job to the printer, but nothing prints. I did submit an incident report to Docstoc and just received confirmation there is a problem. DocShots is still a nice application for visually displaying PDF files on your blog and hopefully the printing function will be resolved soon. I decided not to use it for my production web sites until this issue is resolved. It was ‘the’ functionality I needed for my consumers.

UPDATE 10/15/09 – DG:

I have not received any follow-up communication from Docstoc regarding the printing issue with DocShots. The printing function still does not function properly, but I have receive great feedback on how consumers are able to view PDF files before they download them.