comScore’s mobile report for October 2010

comScore Reports October 2010 U.S. Mobile Subscriber Market Share is available.

Quick summary:

Mobile OEM manufacture Samsung continues to increase (+1.1%) market share over the last three months, while Motorola (-2.1%), LG(-0.2%), and Nokia(-0.7%) falter. RIM remains basically unchanged with a slight 0.3% increase in market share.

Google and Android again has substantially increased (+6.5%) its market share in the smartphone platform over the last three months. Apple’s iOS did have a slight increase(+0.3%), but only maintains a lead of 1.1% market share over Android(23.5%). Who has taken a beating? RIM (-3.5%) and Microsoft(-2.1%) continue to lose market share to the other smartphone platforms.

Text messaging is still the consumer’s favorite way to use mobile devices (68.1%) and continues to grow over the last three months (+2.1%). Mobile web browsing gained the most over the last three months(+2.6%), followed by downloading mobile apps (+2.3%) and interacting with social networks(+2.4%).


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Comparison: Samsung Galaxy Tab vs Apple iPad Video

CNET published a video comparing the Samsung Galaxy Tab vs Apple iPad video. What is not discussed in the comparison is Google’s development and coming release of the Android OS for tabs that will rival iPad’s usability. One point CNET does harp on about the Galaxy is the apps are not taking advantage of the bigger screen. This will change quickly as the Android is an open-source community that will catch-up very quickly to the iPad. Example is how fast the Android has captured market share in the smartphone sector.

Competition is always good for the consumer as it will spur innovation for both tablet platforms. Samsung and Google will make-up ground to Apple in the near future in it’s features and usability. Enjoy the video!

CNET Prizefight: Samsung Galaxy Tab vs. Apple iPad 3G|

Windows Phone 7 Available in the USA


Microsoft has finally seen their smartphone reach the US market as reported by Engadget. . The long awaited Windows Phone 7 can be found on Microsoft store shelves as of today. AT&T and T-Mobile seem to be the first carriers of the new smartphone.

Verizon iPhone, really!!!! Maybe!!!

Engadget - Verizon iPhone chatter is getting harder (than usual) to ignore

Check out :”Verizon iPhone chatter is getting harder (than usual)Check out :”Verizon iPhone chatter is getting harder (than usual) to ignore”

Is this a possibility? Apple must port over to another carrier soon. Otherwise, Google Droid will begin slicing away the pie.

Update: 5/8/2010 – Geeze, then you see stories like this from ZDNet – “Majority of Verizon customers want iPhone, but analyst say not this year” .

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Twitter has its own Android app


Engadget repprts “Official Twitter for Android app goes live, will go open source”.

The app is really well thought out. Downloaded the Twitter app last night and it has been a joy to use. The home page has a nice layout with tweets, direct messages, lists, and retweets right at your finger tips. The animation of the most popular hashtags simplifies access to them.

Nice job by the team at Twitter! !

Android with more app storage, about time!

Emgadget reports “Android support for memory card app storage is finally “coming soon””. This is a very much needed enhancement.