Mobile Commerce Momentum Emerges.

Business Week article today on “M-Commerce’s Big Moment” reminded me of an essay paper I wrote three years ago for an E-Commerce class. The essay was about how the mobile commerce was like the Wild West for consumers. The Business Week article points out some of the same hurdles for m-commerce as I did three years ago. Is m-commerce as a market going to be viable? As usability, security, and infrastructure concerns are met and new business models are developed as shown in the Business Week article, mobile commerce has nothing but an upside. Mobile commerce emerges out from the Wild Wild West.

Mobile Commerce: The Wild West of Commerce

October 2006

Just as the Wild West in the 1800’s and the era of Electronic Commerce (e-commerce) required the landscape to be tamed for consumption by consumers, Mobile Commerce (m-commerce) must wield its’ way to find the same practical solutions to garner consumer acceptance and realize substantial growth. The capability of m-commerce reaching the same market penetration as e-commerce is going to require Continue reading “Mobile Commerce Momentum Emerges.”