The best insight to the challenges of branding

I found a slide deck today on Slideshare and it inspired me to think. Thought-provoking messages on people’s perception of branding (slide 30), who should we care about in our branding (slide 47), and the true task at hand in branding (slide 92). “How to (not) Fail” from Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam. It changed mine!

Give a real presentation

I was invited to participate on a panel at a conference next month and realized I have been out-of-the-loop on presenting in front of large audiences. The first thing I did was to locate on YouTube – Authors@Google: Garr Reynolds video.

The video is almost three years old, but the concepts Garr Reynolds provide are relevant in creating presentations today. Differentiate and engage your audience, review the video. I did and will continue to learn this craft. Enjoy!

Banning banner ads from your browsers?

I have a friendly bet regarding how many people configure their FireFox or other any other browser to prevent banner ads from displaying. Looking for your vote to understand if technology is leverage in determining the effectiveness of banner advertising.

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