Pinterest is a marketing interest?

I have tried to find intangible results to use Pinterest as a marketing strategy. I have not found any definitive facts from analytics that warrant this social media platform can drive bottom-line business opportunities. If others have, please share.

Update 8/30/2017: While measuring Pinterest’s tangible effectiveness to improve the bottom-line of your business, brand awareness can be achieved with the right campaign.

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Creative thinking becoming a lost art?

An article posted by a friend on came to the forefront today. The Daily Beast’s “The Creativity Crisis” from authors Po Bronson and Ashley Merryman.

This article was written two years ago. The excerpt announces, “For the first time, research shows that American creativity is declining. What went wrong—and how we can fix it.” Needless to say I was Continue reading “Creative thinking becoming a lost art?”

Welcome Back!

internet 20mWELCOME BACK David Gumpper. I have spent to much time away from my weekly writing responsibility for the last six months. Excuse is my dedication to working extratime on special projects. Now it is time to get back on the keyboard and pen some better stories.

The @Gumps24 weekly digest of tweets are coming back. I did turn them off, but I missed having a place where my tweets are easily searched and memorialized for future retrieval.

Just Another Week on the Internet is a new Continue reading “Welcome Back!”

New challenge – Post a week in 2011!

I have decided that my Twitter posts on my blog are really boring. Well, at least they seem to be to me. They are great for back referencing articles I have visited out on the Internet, but to my general readers, they’re just boring.

Today I found this new challenge while perusing my Google Buzz. Create a post once a week during 2011. Accomplishing this is going to be a great feat for me. So I am promising to make use of The DailyPost and the community of like minded people to find/help my through this challenge.

If you read my posts, please feel free to offer support, encouragement, or comments as I journey down the posting pathway. I am looking forward to an interesting New Year and hopefully you are too.

Best regards,


Hats off to the Hardee Senior High School Fans and Students

After many years of attending high school football games, I’ve seen high levels of rivalry and competition both on and off the field. This was not the case as the Lakewood Ranch Mustangs traveled to Hardee Senior High School for the autumn ritual of ‘Friday Night Lights’. After the Lakewood Ranch Marching Mustang Band completed their half-time performance, the hometown crowd at Hardee High School gave the Marching Mustangs a standing ovation. I have never experienced an event like this in over thirty years of attending high school football games. Thank you Hardee fans! The night got even better when the Hardee marching band joined the Lakewood Ranch Marching Mustangs in a rendition of “The Herd”.  The kids really exhibited how music positively affects two disparate communities.

I take my hat off to the communities of Wachula and Hardee Senior High School. Your act of appreciation of a musical performance in the middle of a gladiatorial event positively affected the kids of Lakewood Ranch. Hats off and Three cheers to you!!!!

Bing “Best Summer Photo” Facebook Contest

Bing Wants To Feature Your Best Summer Photo — No Keg Stands, Please. Bing has announced the Bing Summer Travel Photo Contest and is seeking your best vacation photo through your Facebook application. Yes, a contest on Facebook for Bing. Maybe it will be your picture from this summer travels that will be used on Bing. Of course there are rules, so find the Bing page on Facebook. Oh yeah, it is the Facebook community which gets to rank the pictures and selects the winner.

Go to Bing Summer Travel Photo Contest for more details.

Poll Time – “Google It” or “Bing It”

After a few weeks with being live, I’ve started to find myself gravitating more of my searches towards Bing. I found my own behavior interesting and began to wonder who else is having the same experience or are most people still doing the “Google It” search.

What I found is Google’s Brand is holding strong against the search consumer desire’s to have a visual and different user experience within their search world. This is evident in Eric Schonfeld’s, Tech Crunch article titled “Study Suggests People Prefer Bing’s Design To Google’s, But Still Won’t Switch“.

What is evident, is how a strong brand can withstand the initial entry of a new and serious competitor. The question I’m asking is, “How long can a strong brand retain it’s position of dominance without implementing major changes around the brand?” Especially when the competition has taken an earnest and valid attempt to provide consumers with a different approach to the user experience.

The article from Schonfield shows an interesting eye-tracking heat map study of twelve subjects using Google and Bing. A result from these maps displays how users focus more on the organic search results in Bing, whereas they trend towards the top advertising bar in Google. On both pages, the eye then travels down the page for the most part except, for the left column on Bing does gain some attention by the user. Yes, the study is made up of a very, very small sample size, but I’ve noticed my behavior has tracked the same way on Bing. The question is “Why?”

What will happen is change. Google is not able to sit still for long as others learn and refine their search development as it evolves into the future.

Back to the focus of this article. Let’s survey what you think of Google and Bing. I’ve created the following poll for anyone to participate in and view the results.

If you haven’t used Bing in a true evaluation, here is your chance. Refrain from searching on Google for a week. Yes, as best as you can possible withhold yourself from using Google. Bing It and be cognizant of the search results, where your eye flows on the page, and what you eventually click on. After the week come back to this post and partake in the below poll, and be honest about your choices.

What Are Your Thoughts? Are You Going to “Google It” or “Bing It”?

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Update: TechCrunch releases on 7/1/2009 that now carries tweets from Twitter in their search results. Apparently they are not displaying everyone tweets. Only the most important. TechCrunch comments on what the people have to say of their new addition,

We’re not indexing all of Twitter at this time… just a small set of prominent and prolific Twitterers to start. We picked a few thousand people to start… follower count and volume of tweets. We think this is an interesting first step toward using Twitter’s public API to surface Tweets in people search. We’d love to hear your feedback as we think through future possibilities in real time search.

Saturday, when my son said his Facebook was crawling about Billy Mays, my finger on the keyboard started towards the letter ‘G’, but at the last minute went to ‘T’. It is surprising how behavior can change in a split second. So, it is only natural the other search players want to keep their piece of pie.

Guitarist from The Venture’s – Bob Bogle – Dies at 75

Sad news for instrumental music lovers of the 1960’s who grew-up listening to The Ventures. Bob Bogle, guitarist, passed away today due to non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma at a hospital in Vancouver. Bob was one of the founding members of the band that had its beginnings in 1958.

The Ventures were such an influence on me and my family during the late 60’s. When I was very young, The Ventures “Let’s GO” was one of the few albums my siblings and I would rock-out to in our basement. The Venture’s instrumental surf music with songs such as “Walk Don’t Run”, “El Watusi”, “Walk Right In”,  and “Hot Pastrami” had us kids jamming with our air guitars for hours. The memory I have still put’s a smile on this east coast kid who loved the surf music that The Ventures and Beach Boys produced.

Keep Rockin’

Merry Christmas – A Day Late

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone. I did a big thing yesterday as a Christmas present to my family. I didn’t turn on the laptop for a whole day. The cold sweats did start dripping down my forehead, but it was worth it for the family.

I hope everyone had a great day and wishing y’all a Happy New Year.