Flip Video a Cisco Product?

This just out on TechCrunch. “Flip Video: Wrong, Wrong, Wrong And Then So, So Right..” Cisco now owns Pure Digital Technology and the Flip Video digital video recorders. This is big news and very powerful. People are still trying to figure out why “Cisco”? I think it is simple. Flip Video is an up and coming mobile digital device for the consumer. Imagine this Continue reading “Flip Video a Cisco Product?”

Internet of the Future

So how is the Internet of the Future going to function? The Internet of the Future is going to be different than it is today. The Internet, as we know it, since the early 90’s will transform into another dimension. The next 10 years will see a significant¬† shift to holograms and video future-of-the-internetimaging. This shift has already began and is in it’s infancy. Take a look at Cisco’s TelePresence progarm Continue reading “Internet of the Future”