Lakewood Ranch Marching Mustang Band – 2010 Competition Show [Video]

Lakewood Ranch Marching Mustang Band 2010 competition show entitled “It was a Great Year” was performed in exhibition during the Music in Motion festival. This years theme is based on the music we experience through each of the seasons during the year. The band qualified for the Florida FMBC state semi-final round competition on November 20, 2010. The Marching Mustang Band is currently ranked fourth in the state for Class 4a, as they head into the semi-final round at Tropicana Field, St. Petersburg, Florida. The video was recorded at an FMBC competition hosted by the Lakewood Ranch Marching Mustang’s on November 6, 2010. This video is not their final version of the performance. In just one short week, directors Bob Schaer and Ron Lambert have tweeked the show for the state competition. Kelly and I caught a quick glimps at the football game at Hardee Senior High School last night. We look forward to watching our kids perform and be the best they can be. Cheers to the Lakewood Ranch music staff.

Tip to watch video: Click on the icon to the right of the sound level adjustment in the video player. This will expand the video to full screen. Note to family members: We will be sending a DVD to everyone by snail mail for you to view on the telly.

Canning for the first time. Fun!

Our little corner of canned tomato sauce and pickles.

Last weekend Kelly and I spent a considerable amount of time in the kitchen. Why! Kelly has this great new tomato sauce, but takes a tremendous effort to make. A tough meal to have during the week.

So what did we do?  Meandered down to the farmers market to buy 25lbs of tomatoes and all the other vegetables from the recipe.  It was time to go back when we were kids helping our parents canning the pick of our gardens. We had a great time and now we are able to have meals with our favorite tomato sauce.

Was it hard work? Absolutely and we will be canning again.  Our fun was so abundant we even made dill and, my favorite, bread and butter pickles.

David Gumpper’s YouTube Video Channel

Hi all, Another family post while researching the YouTube custom player. As I upload video to my YouTube channel, they will automatically display on the player for this page. The first video to be shown on my channel are pictures (not very good pictures to say the least. Yes, I will keep my day job), from our trip to St. Petersburg, Florida with my brother Andy and his wife Amita. I like the pictures of Evan at the end.

The video was generated by loading the pictures into Google’s Picasa and selecting the option to make a movie. For better quality, there is a button on the player next to 360p, click on that and change it to 480p. What a difference it makes in the video quality.

Evan and Lakewood Ranch Marching Band

Evan Gumpper playing the timpani.

Last Friday night, Lakewood Ranch Marching Band performed part 1 of their 2009 competition show. I was really impressed with how they performed this complex Philip Glass piece. This year, Evan is a member of the pit and will be playing the timpani during the entire show.

Another highlight of the evening for us was Evan having his picture taken during the performance. This year, Evan is a member of the pit and will be playing the timpani during the entire show. The picture was taken by the East County Observer’s Michael Eng. After they completed their half-time performance, we noticed Michael asking Evan for his name. To see more pictures of the band and the spirit of Lakewood Ranch students, go over to the East County Observer. I will have video in the next few weeks for all to see.

Ryan Gumpper Vocal Recital at Florida Gulf Coast University

Florida Gulf Coast University’s Bower School of Music presented “Songs by Women Composers” from the Voice Studio of Dr. Jeanie Darnell. Ryan Gumpper performed a solo vocal recital of “Down by the Sally Gardens” which was arranged by Rebecca Clarke (1886-1979). Video of his vocal recital and the FGCU Chamber Singers: [flash medium=1 w=720 h=480]