Dolphin HD for the iPad

Looking for a better way to view the Internet on an iPad? I have been! Safari on the iPad is just not cutting it today. Finally, a new browser for the iPad has arrived, Dolphin HD.

Dolphin HD has been around for Android devices and has ranked consistently as one of the top ten apps in reviews. Now you will see Dolphin as a top ten ‘must have’ for Apple mobile devices. The browser is so much more intuitive and functional than Safari. Try Dolphin for yourself and compare it with Safari. The video is Dolphins HD promo.

UPDATE 11/18/11: The release of iOS 5 for the iPhone and iPad have made significant improvements to Safari. The best feature included in this release is the introduction of browser tabs. This makes Safari on the iPad more like its bigger brother on the desktop. If you are like me, I browse the Internet like a mad person. I will have as many as 10 web sites on my tabs at one time. Now I can easily navigate between sites on my iPad as I do on my laptop. I still like Dolphin, but the improvements to Safari have made it a much better iPad web browser.

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Comparison: Samsung Galaxy Tab vs Apple iPad Video

CNET published a video comparing the Samsung Galaxy Tab vs Apple iPad video. What is not discussed in the comparison is Google’s development and coming release of the Android OS for tabs that will rival iPad’s usability. One point CNET does harp on about the Galaxy is the apps are not taking advantage of the bigger screen. This will change quickly as the Android is an open-source community that will catch-up very quickly to the iPad. Example is how fast the Android has captured market share in the smartphone sector.

Competition is always good for the consumer as it will spur innovation for both tablet platforms. Samsung and Google will make-up ground to Apple in the near future in it’s features and usability. Enjoy the video!

CNET Prizefight: Samsung Galaxy Tab vs. Apple iPad 3G|