Creating ideas for post a week 2011!

My commitment to the “Post A Week 2011” went south this last week. Yes, I missed a week, but I am back on track with this article.

Scott Berkun’s, creator of the Post a Day 2011 campaign, topic-a-day suggestions are great for creating new posts. My problem was they were not aligned to the content I wanted for my blog. This left me in a dilemma. How do I create my own suggestions for topics to post? I think I found my solution. is on a self-hosted WordPress platform and it has a built-in tool called “Press This“.  As I navigate from site to site on the Internet, I come across a lot of information. Press This allows me to capture any piece of that information, including my initial thoughts, as a title and a link  into a draft post on

Using this method has enabled me to develop five draft posts from information I was researching today. Problem solved!

How does Press This makes this so easy? Simple, Press This is found under the “Tools” section of the WordPress administration dashboard. Drag the text “Press This” to your browsers bookmark tool bar. Anytime you land on a page with information for a new post, select Press This from the bookmark tool bar. A new window opens within the WordPress dashboard.

Press This is also available if you have a blog hosted on Check it out!

You can find more details from “Press This « Support —

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