Blenderbox, Inc – Cool Interactive Web Site.

Blenderbox is going to love this review. I’m absolutely loving the interactive design of their ‘work’ page on the site. They have executed an extremely intelligent way to allow customers to view a gallery of their previous projects with the usage of tags. This concept can be extended in solving many different applications. Lets see who is brave enough to take advantage of this cool interactive web site concept. Kudos to Blenderbox, Inc.

Check it out >blenderbox, inc.

Hello world – David Gumpper is Here!

Welcome to my first little blog site on the vastly populated Internet. If you by chance happen to land on this page, then I’m doing something correct.  Watch intently, as I build this forum to be very interactive site for my family, friends, colleagues, and of course, you. I will also use this site to test all the new technology we use on the Internet.  So, please let me know if you see anything not working properly, or more important, it is not how you like to use the web site.

Take care and thanks for listening, reading, or viewing what I have to offer.

Best regards,

David (DGump) Gumpper