SAP Jazzes PowerPoint With Twitter

SAP is on the forefront of business use applications and their new Web 2.0 products are the most fun yet. Every conference or event today has a Twitter #hashtag defined for participants to track and trend conversations, so why not use it to create an interactive presentation? The problem. No tools, that is until SAP’s Timo Elliott has created four new products to make your presentation more compelling.

SAP PowerPoint Twitter Tools can be downloaded for free, along with a detailed instructions page, and the most crucial information of  “best practices” to provide a how-to integrate these tools as part of your presentation.

PowerPoint Twitter Ticker – Create a ticker bar at the bottom of your PowerPoint displaying the latest 10 tweets from a defined search string. The search string can be event, presentation, or topic driven which makes interesting real-time results to validate the presentation.

PowerPoint Twitter Feedback – Create a PowerPoint page with this tool and replace the typical Question and Answer part of your presentation by having the participants tweet their feedback or questions.SAP-PowerPoint-Twitter-Feedback

PowerPoint Twitter Voting – As a presenter, you need to interact with the audience to properly direct your message. This tool allows the presenter to survey an audience through a voting system by using Twitter as the medium to aggregate the results. SAP-PowerPoint-Twitter-Voting

PowerPoint Crowd Meter – This is not a Twitter integration, but using your PowerPoint and computer to capture audience vocal response to questions. SAP-PowerPoint-Twitter-Crowd-Noise

All four of these tools make PowerPoint and your presentation more interactive with compelling real-time results. SAP and Timo Elliott are the Web 2.0 when innovating business use from Internet sources.

I will be using these in my presentations where they fit to provide compelling interactive results for the audience. Let me know how you make out with your presentations. Oh, and thanks to SAP and Timo Elliott for showing us how to combine Twitter and PowerPoint to create new and exciting presentations.

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