Lookout – Protecting Android!

Own an Android? Androids do need protection from malicious applications just like a desktop/laptop PC. Lookout is a smartphone application that offers a free and for-a-fee service that is found in the Android Market. Since late October, I have had Lookout free version installed and running on my Droid. I have not encountered any security warnings, but the peace-of-mind Lookout has provided when a new application or an update to an existing application has downloaded,  provides a certain level of tranquility. Lookout’s security service is augmented with their backup and missing device service. Each service does have certain features that are only available with the fee-based version of Lookout Premium.

The main feature of Lookout’s security service is in its ability to protect smartphones against malware and viruses. while securing the private data on an Android. Lookout Premium, located in the Android Market under the paid section, provides an easy view to determine each applications access to the private data. A nice feature to perform a security review on how each application is accessing personal information on the device.

Lookout’s backup service provides an easy method to maintain a copy of any pictures, call history, and contacts information located on an Android. The free version only allows the backup of contacts, while Lookout Premium enables the backup of pictures and the call history. Lookout’s intuitive web site has an easy view to the backup data in the account profile. Lookout backup provides restoration services to make it even easier to restore the data to a new device. Losing or having a broken Android no longer requires a scramble to retrieve or find contact lists. Nice feature!

Lookout’s missing device service is probably the one application I have found to be the best safe guard tool for lost or stolen Androids. The free version allows locating a missing Android on a map and turns on the sound to make a horrible screaming noise. Additional protection services include data wiping and device locking of a lost or stolen Android is available with Lookout Premium.

Why is all this protection important? Smartphones are becoming more ubiquitous in our usage in performing daily banking activities, purchasing products with mobile wallets, and accessing personal or corporate data. It should be prudent for us to undertake the proper precautions to protect our data. There are unscrupulous entities out in the world looking to obtain our data, so we must be aware and Lookout!

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