Sarasota real estate web site is #1

sarasota real estate number 1 website, Michael Saunders and Company

Sarasota real estate company, Michael Saunders & Company ranked as the #1 web site by its peers.

Real Trends launched its inaugural ranking 2015 Real Estate Website Ranking and introduced a new and unbiased method in vetting what industry leaders consider the best website. A method which differs from many other website ranking lists.

Real Trends performed a survey with 70 of the leading CIO’s and CMO’s in the real estate industry to determine their ranking results.

The results of ranking within several categories determine the #1 website.!

Thank you for your help!

It is a honor for website to be included with its peers. The real credit for building the #1 real estate web site belongs to the wonderful people at Michael Saunders & Company.

It is the collective effort from everyone working together that makes a difference for this Sarasota real estate company.

Thanks to Real Trends for the recognition and a overwhelming gratitude to everyone at MS&C in helping us to become #1 in Sarasota real estate.

UX based on 22 rules of storytelling

UX - User Experience

Customers need insight to UX considerations as much as we do. Occasionally, someone writes an article which helps to set the foundation to follow this very challenging discipline. This article by ThoughtWorks applies Emma Coats excellent article of “22 rules of storytelling” and applies the concept to how we should set an User Experience mindset on projects. Continue reading “UX based on 22 rules of storytelling”

Pinterest is a marketing interest?

I have tried to find intangible results to use Pinterest as a marketing strategy. I have not found any definitive facts from analytics that warrant this social media platform can drive bottom-line business opportunities. If others have, please share.

Update 8/30/2017: While measuring Pinterest’s tangible effectiveness to improve the bottom-line of your business, brand awareness can be achieved with the right campaign.

Visit David’s profile on Pinterest.

The best insight to the challenges of branding

I found a slide deck today on Slideshare and it inspired me to think. Thought-provoking messages on people’s perception of branding (slide 30), who should we care about in our branding (slide 47), and the true task at hand in branding (slide 92). “How to (not) Fail” from Wieden+Kennedy Amsterdam. It changed mine!

Google+ Releases Vanity URL

Google+ Vanity URL for David Gumpper

The last few weeks of October 2013 have seen a bunch of news on the technology front, especially in updates/upgrades.

Google finally said thumbs-up for a vanity URL for my Google+ personal page. I believe we all have waited for some time for this to be release. I even kept the suggested URL, which is I kind of like the + in beginning of my name and this should make Google+ more relevant in the social space.

Other news, Apple Continue reading “Google+ Releases Vanity URL”

G’s June 25 update and Disavow Tool

Early Look at Google’s June 25 Algo Update – Moz.

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My weekly twitter updates for 2012-10-08

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My weekly twitter updates for 2012-09-17

  • Ditch The Silos – How to Build a Great Content Marketing Team by @kevgibbo via @sewatch #
  • Already a Decent Speaker? Here Are 5 Expert Tips via @Inc #
  • @Comcast business class is down again in the #Sarasota FL area. Another Node outage. This has been ongoing over the last four weeks. Awful! #
  • GoDaddy sites are starting to come back. I have two of mine back online. #

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